Business Application SoftwareDatabase Corporate Software
MunimJewel– Jewellery ManagementDBSamrt – Database Management – (Free)
MunimPro – Inventory ManagementMaiChMon– Scheduler – (Free)
DrSmart – Hospital Management Pinakail – Ticket Management – (Free)
FourSquare – Hotel ManagementSourcosy – SVN Management – (Free)
SaralCRM – Customer Relationship MgmtiRelease – Release Management – (Free)
SchoolStar– School Management=> Corona Effect (Free) => Pay only for support and customization
Heldesto – Helpdesk Management=>Rest pay to your employee

ClubmymailMultiple EMail Management . check all your mails like hotmail,gmail,yahoo and others from a single dashboard. Save emails to disk for backup.

Online Training Courses for – SAP SYBASE ASE DBA, SAP SYBASE REPLICATION, SAP SYBASE IQ, ORACLE SERVER DBA, MS SQL SERVER DBA, T-SQL, PL/SQL, Unix Basics, Korn Shell Scripting, Perl Scripting.