DBSmart : Database Management Tool

Manage cross-platform database environment for unlimited Servers and Databases using single point of control with point-n-click functionality for Oracle Server ,SAP Sybase ASE ,SAP Sybase Replication, SAP Sybase IQ and Microsoft SQL Server . 

Smart Features

Secured                     – Only software installer can start .
Backup/Restore         – Automate with run history.
Config Diff                 – Compare Configuration Parameters (useful for Disaster Recovery server).
Compare files            – UNIX DIFF or ASCII files or Query results.
DBExplore                  – Object browsing .
DBAdmin                   – Admin module for DBAs .
Dashboard                 – Monitor Server Health.
Data Migration          – Cross platform and from flat file data migration .
ER Diagram                – Generate Entity Relation Diagram.
Extract                      – Reverse engineer Objects
Find Column               – Search field name appearing in the tables.
Global View                – Run query(es) across multiple servers.
Process Monitor         – Monitor all running processes .
SQL editor                 – Perform SQL/PL-SQL queries .
SmartUniverse            – Store queries and retrieve for rerun.
SQL builder                – Generate SQL code ( join up to 4 tables).
Space Usage              – Monitor database space usage with auto refresh functionality.
Source Code Control   – Extract DDLs and save them individually.

Automatically save SQL history ( for rerun).
Key press search functionality ( just press a key to locate data in result set) .
Conditional Replace ( based on if then else condition ).
Compare Database objects and table row counts .